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8 most important fashion buzzwords in 2016

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Autumn is the season where runways are always treaded, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And this year in particular, the industry is rife with new buzzwords. You might spot them in Vogue, the recent wear and so it’s important to know what do they mean.


If you know your high school Greek, you might remember that it means “male-female”. This word is commonly used to refer to a piece of clothing that could reasonably be worn by a man or a woman - broad shouldered, but narrow-waisted for example. This fall this is a very ‘in’ look. It means loose-fitting clothing, menswear inspired pieces, geometric shapes, loose trousers, blazers, or oversized blouses.


Athletic and leisure. Of course, everyone adors chillaxing with their baggy sweatpants, but this is more than simply using gym clothing as comfort wear. The new trends combine these two - cashmere sweats, sport jackets, elegant tennis shoes - this is not gym wear anymore, more like evening wear.

Boudoir fashion

Everyone has heard the joke: “If Batman is so smart, why does he wear underwear over his trousers?”. Well, it seems that so did the fash designers. More outerwear elements now showcase the similar underwear - for instance slip dresses can be worn over shirts, or corsets are built into dresses.


Frayed jeans with holes are just a beginning - these clothes include raw edges on hems or jacket sleeves, frayed edges etc. These look half-finished… and intriguing! Another trend is shearling - sheepskin with its wool intact, in essence a sheep’s fur!


Minimalism is trendy these days, not only in fashion. Monochromatic outfits, pristine, geometric shapes, elegant and simple accessories… and no wonder that some are rebelling in a very ostentatious manner, in an explosion of bright colors, loud, garish prints and many accessories. And the sizes can also be large - many constructors even use support, boxy cuts to create the feeling of bulky wear, like boyfriends’ jeans or massive sweaters.


The fashion blogger (like yours truly) is the heroine of the modern age. And so, designers are patterning themselves after simple, creative people on the mean streets of large cities; this is now the new trend.

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