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Ahh, autumn is coming. Autumn means golden leaves, apple picking, early evening and enjoying the Indian summer. And all changes in the seasons also mean that it’s time to revolutionize your wardrobe.

It seems that this autumn, there is a multitude of new styles, shades, and prints you could try out. Here we present a couple of tips on how to choose the most recent trends for fall.

  • Update Female Pieces with Tough Accents: This autumn, the most popular pieces are soft clothes like lacey blouses with bows, pleated skirts, and velvet accents. They can be complemented by pink and rose gold tones, as well as leather elements to add a tough girl style to a very feminine look. For example, match this season’s latest Boho bell sleeve blouses with a leather jacket, leggings or over-the-knee boots.
  • Add Vivid Accessories: Gold jewelry, like the thicker necklaces and gold chains, is still trendy. And what's with handbags? Currently, camera bags (ones with long straps and boxy shape) are in style.
  • Aim for Current Colors and Patterns: The current color set for autumn features a wide selection of earthy colors — from olive to taupe — as well as hot romantic shades, like wine and cognac. Quaint patch-work style and plaid are also among the most recent pattern trends. Incorporate these colors and patterns using makeup, accessories, and footwear.
  • Enjoy Boots and Booties: The most versatile piece for fall are booties - short, above ankle boots. Wider leg jeans and pant styles go well with booties with block heels or wedge bottoms. Usually, the brown or black boots are the most common, but this season presents a variety of new options in these colors mentioned above — including navy, taupe, wine, and olive. You can pair booties with soft jeans and a plaid shirt, leggings and a sweater, or a dress and fringe jacket.
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