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Back with a vengeance

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There are always many offers with every new fashion season, proclaiming amazing new changes in fashion, telling you what’s new and what’s out of fashion. But there are also triumphant returns of things you might have worn some time ago, and now they’re ready to return. This year also has a couple of such things, and you might feel ready to joyfully return to them.

Formal blouses

Well, girls can wear shirts, they can wear tops under their suit jackets, but blouses are back now, and not just for office! They look delicate and can be great for romantic occasions. A new blouse can make your date or match a pair of skinny jeans. If you want to feel girly, soft and pretty, blouses are for you.


Everyone had her velvet holiday blazer, worn for a couple of days in December… but how many other velvet pieces did you wear? Well, velvet is quite different now. You can find it in everything, tops, pants, and skirts. Many shoes are covered in velvet, and other smooth leather objects like handbag make it very soft. And it comes in a variety of different colors, and now - in a variety of patterns and textures. Once considered luxury, velvet is found in more cheaper clothes these days.


Once, every “good girl” wore a white slip under her dress, but quickly they became old fashioned. And now, well, slips are a big part of fashion this fall… with a small difference. They aren’t worn under the dress, but on top of other clothes! It’s layered over shirts so it resembles a dress, staying shiny and elegant, and presenting attractive patterns or tempting lace.

Pleated shirts

Until recently simple pencil shirt spelled elegance and if you thought about pleated shirt you thought about farmer’s daughter or high school yearbook. But now even older serious women can wear a pleated skir, whether mini, midi or maxi. You could match it with patterned leggings and tall boots or wear a pleated silk skirt for evening and a pretty cardigan.

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