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Do you want to be rich?

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No matter how fat your wallet is, you can still try and look impressive. We all aspire to emulate the celebrities and the glamorous elites we know from the first pages of glossy magazines. We don’t want to dress poor, in cheap wholesale womens skirts. We’ve all seen “The Great Gatsby” or “Downtown Abbey” and we want a little of this aristocratic chic. And if the Honeymooners haven’t lied to me - and really, why would they? - you have to look rich to be rich. To become a member of the elites you have to walk the walk and talk the talk, and appear sophisticated and classy!

First of all, the most obvious sign of wealth isn’t bling, specific brands, fabric or a particular style - it’s tailored clothes. If your suit jacket looks fitted and made just for you, you’re establishing style and command respect. Your clothes might be off the peg, typical mass produced wholesale womens skirts - but take it to a tailor to make them fit better. And if you can’t afford it, spend some more time trying on various brands that fit your body perfectly. The clothes you purchase should be made of natural fabrics - avoid synthetics, maybe for sportswear. Pick out cotton, cashmere, silk, linen or wool over synthetic blends.

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When buying clothes, focus on a couple of signature items and then fill out the blanks with cheaper clothes. You might want to flaunt these Weitzmans - and no one will notice your shirt from Wal-mart. For extra effect, remove the tags and brand logos from the clothes - don’t make yourself a free ad for these companies. Shoes are important - they can make or break the outfit, so ditch these sneakers and pick high heels or at least shiny flats.

Dress up whenever you can. I personally used to find excuses not to dress up, but you need to turn it 180 degrees - and find any reason to dress up! A business meeting, a new date, all this is an occasion to flaunt your wardrobe. And make sure your clothes are always well-pressed and clean if you’re gonna flaunt your look!

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