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From work to the pub!

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A plain dress wholesale doesn't have to be boring

The best way to finish off a hectic, busy day is to head out after work for dinner and something to drink. Don’t go home and start cooking straight away, just relax and rest on the soft, comfortable lounge chair while being served tasty treats. I personally favor pizza and a glass of wine… but there could be a world of difference between dressing for work and dressing for an afternoon out. An outfit that looks fine in a bar does not always check out well in the workplace. Here are some tips which could help you to find that perfect balance between outing and working.


You might feel underdressed in a trendy bar or a restaurant when you arrive there. If you wear something classic and smart to work - for instance, a plain dress - you could be able to update your look with just a couple of accessories. That’s why plain dresses wholesale become more and more popular with clothing chains that cater to business clientele. Take a plain white dress, and adorn it with jewelry, colorful tights, shiny dark high heels and a necklace.

Depending on your field of work, your dress code might vary. There are many different versatile workwear pieces, that are cool and stylish, and you can build on your plain dresses wholesale to create an unusual, fantastic combination. A laced cami top might not work on its own in the office, but combined with a blazer or a pair of treggings it will rock your office.


Most people dress in neutral, somewhat drab colors to work, like black, navy, grey and white. Once you leave work to party, you might feel somewhat depressed. Try to animate your wardrobe with some bright, vivid hues. Suppliers have a multitude of plain dresses wholesale in different, various colors.


If you head to a party straight from work, you need to reconsider your style and make compromises between formal and party style. But most of our readers will be able to pull it off.

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