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How to become an elegant woman?

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To become an elegant woman, one must think elegantly. You can start by thinking of yourself in the way you want to be seen, behave gracefully, like a lady, sit and stand will poise and reject all negative thoughts. If you make any mistakes, say “sorry”, make up for the errors and go on with your life, rather than constantly returning to this error. You need to show your aptitude, thing like a lady and demonstrate your sophistication.

If you have problems with grace and body control, perhaps you could start dancing - and we mean more formal dancing, like ballet or ballroom. They are unequaled in teaching you the natural grace and behavior, but require a lot of hard work! You need to exercise - and if you sit straight you should always remember to cross your legs at your ankles, not knees. Your posture, however, should not demonstrate stress - pull your shoulders back, look proudly, lifting your head and impressing other.

A lady doesn’t have to demonstrate her legs - you can, of course, wear as long skirt as you like, but don’t show off your limbs. When buying dresses online, focus on more elegant and sophisticated clothes rather than cheap dresses online. Don’t visit junior stores, avoid bright colors - if you need to completely redesign your wardrobe, you can easily buy ladies clothes wholesale. Avoid the cheap trends, wear the correct size of clothes made of nice fabric that isn’t thin or cheap. Avoid a lot of details and patterns, like leopard print or fake skin. Try to dress more formally for parties and the like.

Hygiene is also important - we don’t need to explain that you need to take your shower daily, but remember also the finer points - use conditioner, floss your teeth and use a nice anti-perspirant instead of perfumes. A proper lady tends to wear “vertical” hairdos on formal events. Her makeup isn’t blatant, is close to your skin tone.

You need to be classy and refined, showing patience, grace and cool behavior in any situation.

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