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How to care about silver jewelry?

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Silver is one of the most popular materials in jewelry. It is beautiful, cool, shining metal, and it makes a great accessory on its own or adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. And it is often used to create gentle, adorable charm. You can buy silver rings, necklaces, and other jewelry that goes well with special clothes, like wholesale suede leather. And unlike cheap silver-plated jewelry which after a couple of months becomes tarnished, pure silver can be restored after removing a layer of patina. With proper care and storage, silver jewelry will remain beautiful through the years.

If you want to preserve your silver jewelry, it should be the last thing to put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. Perfume and cologne can tarnish and stain the silver chains so you should spritz on the perfume before you put the silver on. It shouldn’t be wet - wait a minute or two to let the scent settle down. Many clothes like wholesale suede jackets also absorb smells, so consider how you smell and not to smoke or overuse perfumes. And take the jewelry off before showering or going to bed.

Clean the jewels gently, and avoid abrasive cleaners. Many household cleaners contain chlorine which can cause tarnishing and destroy silver, even loosening the gemstones. You don’t have to purchase specialized cleaning - just throw them in a water with sensitive skin soap. You can use a very soft brush to clean crevices and wipe them with a soft cloth and not a paper towel.

Finally, you need to know how you store your expensive silver jewelry. Silver that’s often worn needs less care, and so you need to care more about the jewelry you’re not using. If you must store them pick a cool, dry place. Clean and dry your silver pieces before putting them into storage box - and don’t display it. It’s better to put them in dry small cloth pouches.

Know how to properly care for your silver bracelets will ensure that they will look beautiful for years. Take care of them and you will always be beautiful, whether or not you dress up in wholesale suede skirts.

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