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How to choose good women's skirts?

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Wear wholesale womens skirts to holidays

If you want to rock a midi skirt, start with three tall, full length mirrors and good lighting from top and bottom. Get as much of different skirts as you can - you can even buy them wholesale: womens skirts, denim skirts, velvet midi skirt… and try them on until you find something great for your body and posture. It’s that simple. Combine the various womens skirts and shoes to narrow down the best height of boot for your exposed calves when wearing a midi. Everyone’s strongest points are different and you want to underline your strong suits, put emphasis on your legs or waist. Sometimes you have to wear knee-high booties, sometimes just chunky mary janes on tall heel.

The most important factor is the optical hemline - where the skirt ends on your legs. It shouldn’t end at the thickest point of your calf. It should end so that the division of your leg points out the most flattering parts of your leg - for myself, near the top of my calf or where it starts to narrow. You don’t want to look as if your legs are fat all the way up. This is simple prediction of the reaction of others - and that’s why you want mirrors, or at very least a selfie.

So how to pair your wholesale womens skirts with other parts of wardrobe? Flat shoes can look best with a bo-ho style midi and tucked in loose blouse. If you’re wearing sandals or boots, you can choose a softer, fuller midi. High heels with midi - especially wide one - can give a 50s vibe, which can be played with using a polka dotted, collared tucked in shirt, or a soft sweater tucked in at the waist. It’s worth remembering that if your skirt is wide compared to your top, it will draw more attention - you can balance it with a vivid top or sharp makeup.

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