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How to find the perfect bra?

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Cheap bras don't have to look bad...

The best bra is the one that fits you perfectly. More and more women are nowadays wearing ones that aren’t proper fit for their sizes. Luckily for them, there are many bra fitters on the market, and if you buy bras wholesale you can cheaply purchase many different sizes. Get a proper measurement and bra fitting, measuring both the cups and space under them. Lift and comfort have a lot to do with the brassiere matching your body properly. Ladies with large busts should be comfortable looking beyond DD cups as well.

The support of your bra should come from the band, which should be tight enough to not ride up between your shoulder blades, but you need to be able to fit two fingers between them without trouble. If your bra is supported by underwires, they should rest flat against your torso. This means that the breasts should match your chest, and also the sides near the armpits.

The straps should not be the lifting pieces, they’re not meant for that. Their job is to keep the cups aligned, but you need not use them for support. A strapless bra backs the breasts up, and can be a good alternative - you need to distribute the weight evenly. Large breasts require more specialised bra - not just a larger version of a small-sized bra, meant for full-figured ladies. You should visit a specialized big bra shop that works with many wholesale brassiere suppliers, and has a wide variety of bras available.

Once you measured your proper size of bras wholesale, it means basically trial and error. Remember that not all bra makers use the same sizing methods - when buying wholesale bras you need o be aware what method the wholesale bra supplier uses. Narrow down the field with a consultant.

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