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What to wear tights with?

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Imagine that you have a wonderful red dress - and you need to decide how to match the rest of the outfit. What could bug me is what tights should I wear with a bright red dress. My mind immediately focuses on black nylon tights - but whether they’re opaque, more of see-through or with a lacy pattern depends on other factors, including the style of the dress. If I really had to, I suppose I could buy wholesale tights if necessary. I don’t have a clear favorite because I think it depends completely on the things I am doing or the occasion. Of course, red and black is a wonderful combination. We are evolutionary keener on the color red - it is more visible, signifies warmth and human contact. Red is very sexy, and black makes it even more vivid.

Dresses are great to wear all year, and black tights make them work during these cold winter months. Other popular choices for tights is, of course, white, or nude shade. This depends entirely on your preferences or other accessories you’re wearing - if you have black, shiny silver earrings go for black or dark gray. In general, avoid even dark navy, and greens are a complete no-no, although you could match a bright red dress with bright aqua or mustard ones. Other warm colors like peach or orange might match them, but they need to be properly contrasted with the dress - whether by pattern or texture. Your tights shouldn’t take much attention from your dress, like cream, ecru, off-white or gray if you could rock this style. Look at the selection of wholesale tights in stores near you for a full palette of colors.

If you feel “fun” rather than “sexy” (and these two aren’t necessarily exclusive), you can go full color, and decide on a fabulous or whimsical pattern. Of course, the dress patterns need to match the patterns of the shirt - red dress with black polka dots can match black leggings with white dots, but polka dots don’t go with plaid, for example.

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