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Which top works best for pear ladies

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We talked about body shapes. If you're pear-shaped, you have bigger hips than bust. So, to avoid unnecessary attention, your tops should not end in the hips. Instead, your top should be well fitting and finish above the hips to emphasize the waist. If you add a crop-top, you will draw the onlookers' eyes upwards. Consider this when buying wholesale t-shirts.

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Layering attracts attention to your torso. A good option for pear ladies are tunics or longer camisoles underneath knitted tops. You can go extravagant, and wear more detailed tops - spaghetti straps and embellished strappy tops will show off their arms and shoulders.

Puffy sleeves on the tops can also distract men from your large posterior. You could draw more attention with a colorful tunic that fits properly. It goes down, below your waistline, and shows off the upper body making it appear taller and leaner. A tunic has the advantage of looking more elegant and it can be adorned with great patterns.

You could also choose elegant striped tops, to balance the broader hips. Indeed, if you're pear-shaped you can break one of these big fashion no-nos and wear horizontal stripes! Tops that have a wide neck also help to balance broader hips. An eye-catching neckline will also highlight the neck and shoulders. And if you don't want to show off your cleavage, you can choose boat-neck, ruffles, and ruches which will also shift the attention of their outfit to the top. Jewelry like colorful necklace also elongates it vertically.
Colour also has a role to play in focusing the attention on the top half of the body. Wear a bright top with dark bottom! If you are a pear shape, you shouldn't select black or navy wholesale t-shirts, rather try a soft toned light color like cream, mellow orange or blue or alternatively a vibrant bright color like neon pink, turquoise or emerald. You will look stunning in this!

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