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Work out in cold weather

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Cold winter is not a reason to abandon your daily workout! Some move from outdoors to the gym and from jogging in the park to jogging on the treadmill, but why pay for the access to the gym? You can still comfortably chillax in the park, as long as you pick clothing that insulates and protects your body from the freezing temperatures. You want to dress well, and avoid the hypothermia or frostbite on certain parts of your body. If it's cold, just get one or two wholesale scarves.

Above all, avoid cotton. Sure, it’s cheap, plentiful and lightweight - but it absorbs moisture. The modern polypropylene clothes keep your body insulated and wick away moisture and sweat from your body. In the freezing winter weather, the last thing you want is a shirt soaked with freezing sweat. Pick synthetic shirts for layers closest to your skin, like socks, underwear, undershirts and leggings. Many regular clothing stores don’t carry it, so go to sports chains that buy clothes wholesale.

If you’ve completed your layer of underwear, choose an insulating layer which will keep you warm. I like cotton sweaters or thicker polar blouses. A pair of leggings worn under tracksuit pants can also keep you warm. Remember, your exercise will keep you warm as well, so don’t overheat.

The outside layer should protect you from wind and snow. Toss over a more lightweight jacket, especially made of synthetic fibers. If the middle layer is absorbent remember to toss on a jacket that protects you from the rain. Any seller of wholesale scarves will tell you that.

Pick up a winter hat that will keep your heads and ears warm - up to 50% of your body heat is dissipated through your head. Woolen hats are great because they allow your body to breathe. Your temperature center is located on the back of your neck, so wear at least a bandanna to cover it - or a scarf or snood. Pick gloves lined with fleece.

And finally, use athletic shoes that you wear - maybe with multiple layers of socks. If you find yourself running on ice or snow, choose shoes with deep traction.

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